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Innotec supplies products to customers through uniquely automated manufacturing processes. Founded in 1992, it is the company's continuing mission to expand its full service supplier capabilities while striving to retain a small company atmosphere. To do this, Innotec is growing horizontally integrated satellite companies and product focused divisions. – más... These satellites and divisions offer Industrial Design, Engineering, Assembly, Purchasing, and Logistics.

The PRINCIPLES we hold tightly to help make our customers successful and us fun to work with. We "don't feel like a normal supplier". Innotec consists of higher caliber PEOPLE who are working for a greater purpose. Our most critical value is TRUST which is fostered through INTEGRITY, COMPETENCE, ALIGNMENT and CARING.

Innotec has been blessed with numerous supplier AWARDS based on cost, quality, innovation, delivery and service. We have earned a number of PATENTS that contributed significantly to our customers success. Our structure drives ownership to the level of execution so that everyone has the power to SERVE customers in such a way that they leave a bit surprised every time.
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