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Smiths Medical's forges are primed to produce medical tools for intensive care, surgery, and post-operative care procedures. Part of the Smiths Group, Smiths Medical provides devices and equipment used in treatment areas such as cardiology, oncology, and pain management. Devices include anesthesia delivery systems, epidural components, safety lancets, – más... and pulse monitors, as well as a line of in vitro fertilization products. Smiths Medical provides its products to hospitals (the majority of its customer base), specialists, and home care providers worldwide.

Geographic Reach

Smiths Medical's manufacturing facilities are primarily located in the US, the UK, Mexico, and Italy. Though the company sells its products in more than 100 markets worldwide, the US is its largest single market, accounting for half of its annual sales. Smiths Medical is expanding its operations in emerging markets, such as India, Brazil, and China.


Smiths Medical comprises about 30% of its parent company's sales. Lead brands include Portex for pain management, Medex for pressure monitoring and interventional imaging, and the Pneupac range of ventilators. The company has a number of industrial medical products designed for single-use purposes such as tubing, aspirators, connectors, and adaptors. Smiths Medical also offers up a number of online educational resources, including medical equipment training videos and continuing education (CE) activities.

Along with its array of products for civilian operations, Smiths Medical provides emergency medical devices to the military and homeland defense department. Some of the primary products the company supplies to the military include the Pneupac comPAC ventilator, Portex Front Line chest drainage kit, Portex soft-seal laryngeal mask, and the Level 1 HOTLINE blood and fluid warmer.

For our four legged friends the company manufactures and distributes a portfolio of veterinary specific medical devices marketed under the name SurgiVet. Items include anesthesia and monitoring equipment, rescue and resuscitation products, and temperature management tools. SurgiVet products are sold to veterinary clinics, schools, and other aquatic centers worldwide.

Sales & Marketing

Smiths Medical markets its products both through its own regional sales organization and through independent distribution companies.

Financial Analysis

Smiths Medical increased revenues by 2% to some £856 million (nearly $1.4 billion) in 2012, primarily due to increased product sales from newly launched offerings, as well as increased sales from emerging international markets.


Smiths Medical bolsters its product offerings by introducing new items, as well as by offering next-generation versions of existing products. New product launches in 2012 include the Medfusion 4000 syringe pump infusion system, which was launched in the US and Canada, and the CADD-Solis pain management system, which was introduced in markets outside the US. In addition to direct R&D efforts, Smiths Medical also collaborates with other companies in the industry to develop and market products; for instance, Smiths Medical has cross-promotional agreements with Hospira and Nexus Medical.

In addition, Smiths Medical grows its global operations by establishing subsidiary offices in regional markets poised for growth. In 2011 Smiths Medical established Smiths Medical India to form a direct sales platform in the market; the firm previously only operated in India through distributors and expects that operating a subsidiary there will help it better take advantage of the massive growth expected in the region. The company is also optimizing its distribution organization in other regions to maximize efficiencies; in 2012 it brought the operations of its European distribution center (located in the Netherlands) in-house to improve performance and reduce operational expenses in the region.
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